For more information about our removable wallpaper, please visit our Wallpaper Info page.

We are proud to have the most premium Removable Wallpaper on the market - at the best price! This amazing product is peel and stick, non-toxic, safe on walls and made from a very fine fabric and easy to DIY (do it yourself)! It's easy to re-position and very forgiving to install. Our processing time is 2-5 business days before shipping it off for you. If you require your wallpaper faster, please let us know!

We have a special on for 4 samples for the price of 2 - click here! Our samples are a great size (30x70cm) so you get a good idea on the design, pattern and colour and get to test it out properly on your wall.

We can also accommodate custom designs, (even your own photos as a mural!) and other types of wallpaper, just send us an email to studio@bohoartstyling.com - we are more than happy to help you out with any project!

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