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Our Traditional Paste up Wallpaper is made right here in Mornington, Victoria and shipped within 5 business days. Shipping times vary due to location, but on average our couriers take 3-6 business days. We do our very best to get your wallpaper off to you as soon as possible!

Please note the slightly creamier colour of our paste up wallpaper compared to our removable wallpaper. We can also do paste up that is whiter like the removable, but it is is the same costs as the removable. If you have any questions or would like to change your preferences - just reach out and we can create a custom order for you.

Our wallpaper panels are 75 cm wide (maximum) by 250 cm high (standard height). Your panels will be custom made to your exact wall dimensions, so they will be evenly spaced across the width of your wall. This means you won’t have considerable trimming or uneven panels, which makes installation so much easier and looks much more professional.

To work out how many panels you need, simply refer below:
1 panel covers up to 75 cm wide
2 panels cover up to 148 cm wide
3 panels cover up to 221 cm wide
4 panels cover up to 294 cm wide
5 panels cover up to 367 cm wide
6 panels cover up to 440 cm wide
7 panels cover up to 513 cm wide
8 panels cover up to 586 cm wide

9 panels cover up to 659 cm wide

If you require additional wall height or would like a half wall, please send us a message and we will create a custom order for you.

Not sure of colours or the whether your walls are suitable? Purchase a 70x30cm sample by selecting “order sample” on the wallpaper design.

You can purchase wallpaper paste and materials from any hardware store such as Bunnings. Follow the instructions on the paste/products for best results.

If you are not comfortable with installing yourself, you can hire a painter & decorator. We have wallpaper installers we can recommend, so please contact us at if you need assistance.

Our designs can be fully customised in colour and size – at no extra charge. Just ask!

Photographic wall murals may appear blurry when viewed right up close, but that is the nature of wall murals when blown up to wall size. We do choose only the very best images with the very high resolution. They look amazing up in a room!


Please add your shipping outside of Australia on to your order via our Custom Orders & International Shipping page. For any other countries outside of Australia that are not listed, please send us a message and we will happily get a quote for you.

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