Mermaid Border (Removable) colour options

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Each strip of the is 17cm high x 117.6cm long. You get 4 strips, which cover a total width of 470.4 cm wide. If you need a little more, send us a message and we will calculate the additional for you.

Each edge seamlessly butts up to the next strip.

If you are interested in having this design to cover stair raisers, please let us know the height of each raiser and we can make it to suit!

Fast delivery! Processing time is only 3-5 workings days, made right here in Mornington, Victoria! We have the very best fine fabric removable wallpaper on the market at the best price!

* Tear proof * Can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation * Easy to peel back and re-position * Will not shrink or curl over time * Can be re-used (just keep the backing) * Suitable for powder rooms - not rooms that generate a lot of steam/condensation * Simply peel and stick – no need for messy glues *Can be removed without damaging walls (perfect for those renting) * Suitable for all painted walls and will wrap around curved corners. Not suitable for bricks/render, uneven/rough/textured surfaces, damaged walls/paint or porus surfaces. No need for primers.


Please add your shipping outside of Australia on to your order via our Custom Orders & International Shipping page. For any other countries outside of Australia that are not listed, please send us a message and we will happily get a quote for you.

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